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Jace was used to not sleeping. Why should moving in with Alec and Sebastian change that? He'd hoped it would have. Being in a safer, happier place than the institute. But something had happened and he couldn't get it out of his head. Especially when Sebastian and Alec were smiling and kissing and touching each other. He couldn't see it right now, but he knew. He could hear it. Faintly. And see it in his head because he had seen it before. That could explain why he'd subconsciously baked heart shaped cookies.

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When he'd moved out of the Institute, it'd been natural to take Jace with him. They both needed to get away from the constant expectations and the grinding weight of living up to the Lightwood name. Sebastian had agreed, understanding the bond and that Alec couldn't desert his parabatai. And, surprisingly, Jace was a good roommate, never complaining about the adoring looks or walking in on kisses he shouldn't have to see. But something wasn't quite right and Alec knew it. Jace was happy, but he wasn't. The trays of cookies proved that. He just wasn't sure what was wrong.

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Wandering into the kitchen, he watched Jace for awhile, not sure if he should interrupt. The baking was something new but Jace excelled at. It wasn't something he'd done at the Institute, preferring to beat up training dummies to mixing up cookie dough. Now he baked, which seemed soothing but also worried Alec. Telling himself that lurking wasn't helpful, he finally moved to stand across from Jace, considering if he'd get smacked if he stole a cookie. "Nightmare or something else?"

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Arching an eyebrow, he took one of the cookies, studying Jace instead of taking a bite. There were some subjects he could push Jace about and others would cause him to lash out. Unsure of which one they were dealing with, he tried to figure out why his parabatai was giving him strange looks. "We should give up hunting and start a bakery." Shrugging he broke off a piece of the cookie. "I felt that you were awake." Taking a bite of cookie and trying not to make any embarrassing noises since it was an amazing cookie but it was rude to make those kinds of sounds. "You know you can talk to me."

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Nibbling on the piece of cookie, he waited for Jace to decide if he'd push him away. It was common enough that Alec wouldn't be too hurt by the reaction. Jace needed time to deal with emotions and most of the time they didn't discuss them unless one of them had nearly died. It was just how things were. If he hadn't accept that then there was no way he would have been able to deal with his parabatai over the years.

He broke off another piece of the cookie when Jace finally spoke so that his parabatai wouldn't realize that he was surprised that Jace had decided to talk to him. "There's nothing you could do that would make me be mad at you for more than an hour. You're part of my soul, Jace. Even when we're frustrated with each other, it doesn't mean we'll walk away from each other."

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"You're never going to let me forget that," he teased gently once he'd swallowed the bite of cookie. It was the running joke between them, both embarrassing and soothing at the same time. It was a subject easier to deal with than the girls that Jace had been sleeping around with. Not because of the crush that hadn't completely resolved itself but because Alec knew that the girls hurt Jace more than his parabatai would ever admit. Jace hated being appreciated just for his looks and that was all those women ever seemed to notice.

Taking another bite of cookie, he almost choked when Jace said he wanted to move. No. Jace was happy here. They were all happy here. There wasn't a reason for Jace to leave.

"You may what?" he croaked, swallowing a lump in his throat that had nothing to do with the crumbs that seemed to be trying to strangle him. He was about to apologize for whatever it was that he'd doen to make Jace want to leave when he realized what Jace said.

He was in love with Alec... and Sebastian. It was something he'd never thought could happen and the words didn't quite seem real. Jace wasn't bi. He had been in love with Clary. For years Alec had hoped that Jace was in love with him and now he was confessing the feelings that Alec had always wished for. "Am I dreaming?"

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For a moment, he considered what he should say. According to the Law, it was forbidden but so was dating a Mundane. He hadn't cared about that when he started seeing Sebastian and he had never really believed all the dangers that was associated with parabatai being romantically involved. If simply loving Jace romantically was the danger, then they would have been cursed years ago.

Arching eyebrow, he offered Jace part of the cookie. "You know how long you've been in my dreams. Do you really think that they were nightmares?" They both knew that they were the kind of dreams you really shouldn't discuss in the kitchen. Or anywhere in public since Jace knew about his years-long crush.

"Why shouldn't you? Feelings aren't something you can train yourself out of, Jace. I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt us and you know how I feel about you. That didn't change because I love Sebastian.

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Rolling his eyes, he gave Jace a fond smile. "Yeah, I do, but you were never interested and I do love Sebastian. He also knows that you're my parabatai." That had been an interesting conversation. "I can't convince him that it doesn't really mean 'secretly married'."

Finishing the cookie, he stole another since he wasn't going to eat the piece he'd offered Jace. It was his, not Alec's. "What type of frosting were you going to make?" Not the right topic of conversation but it was difficult not to be distracted by Jace's baking skills.

"I have feelings for Sebastian and you. I'm surprised since I thought you were straight, but he's a good person. He's good for you. I'd be a hypocrite if I was angry over you having feelings for him."

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"If you make that you'll have to make another batch of cookeis." Alec was lucky that Jace hadn't finished the frosting or he would have ended up making those embarrassing sounds Sebastian teased him about. "It's okay if you're not or if you don't even know what word fits." For years, Alec had avoided labels, been terrified of them so he knew that Jace might not ready to think of himself that way.

"I know you loved me but I assumed you'd never love me. Sebastian swore you did but I didn't believe him." Sighing, he took Jace's hand and placed the piece of cookie on his palm. "Yours."

Pausing, he realized that there was an odd significance to that. A piece of a heart. "None of us will know what's too much unless you ask."

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"If he is, I haven't found the mark yet." He almost makes a comment about having looked everywhere but that wasn't fair when Jace had feelings for Sebastian as well. "I do think he has the Sight. He might be part Fae."

Watching Jace, Alec knew that he had picked up on the meaning of giving the treat to him. Not just a cookie, but a piece of his heart. He'd offered to Jace years ago when they'd been lonely teenagers that had only a few people to rely on and even fewer friends. Jace had needed someone to love him, so Alec had given him his heart. He just hadn't realized that Jace would offer him the same.

His chest ached as he realized what Jace was doing, offering him all of the hearts that he had carefully made while his own was breaking. "This is a good start but I think you need to offer them to someone else too." Alec already had a feeling that Sebastian was a little bit in love with Jace. If not, he understood that loving one of them meant the other was a part of the relationship. They just hadn't realized this was how things would unfold.

Carefully taking the tray, he set it down beside him before taking Jace's hand and kissing the spot where the piece of his 'heart' had been. "I've loved you for years, Jace. I've been in love with you almost as long. Sebastian knows and he still loves me and I know he cares about you. We'll take things slow and see what happens."

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"I hope so since I can't give either one of you up." He'd tried but Sebastian had known that he still had feelings for Jace no matter how he tried to move past his first love. His boyfriend had never condemned him for it, understanding that Jace was bound to him with more than just runes.

"I never thought I'd hear you say slow is good," he teased gently, looking up at Jace through his lashes while lingering over the kiss. He still wasn't sure if his parabatai would agree to this or if he'd panic. "Sebastian won't believe us when we tell him."

Reluctantly letting go of Jace's hand, he tried to ignore the nervousness settling in his chest. Maybe Jace was reconsidering. Maybe he'd read things wrong. "Jace? Whatever you want is okay. You just have to tell me."

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Through the bond, Alec could feel some of his parabatai's turmoil. Jace was afraid. Not surprising since everything he'd ever loved had been stripped away from him. His falcon, his father, his family... Technically even Alec had been taking from him even when they'd stood by each other. They were parabatai and then Alec had fallen for Sebastian.

He was about to reassure Jace tha the wasn't losing him when his parabatai caught his shirt and dragged him close for a kiss. Wincing when their noses collided, he almost laughed at Jace's annoyance. He knew better than to tell Jace that the blush was adorable.

"That is why you need an archer." As he spoke, he deliberately kissed the corner of Jace's mouth, making it obvious that it was where he wanted to press his lips. "I always was better at hitting a target." Wrapping his arms around Jace's waist, he hummed softly as his parabatai nuzzled closer. "I want this too. I have since we were teenagers."

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"I never thought you'd get here." After years of accepting it couldn't happen, he still wasn't sure if this was real. It felt too good to be true in some ways. Sebastian loved him and now Jace admitted that he felt the way that Alec had hoped for for years. "I never really was angry at you for being straight." Even if that description didn't seem to fit now. "Why would I be angry over this?"

Resting his forehead against Jace's, he waited for his parabatai to gain some control of his emotions. Alec could faintly sensed the tumble of doubt, love, and fear through the bond. Just what he would expect from Jace when he was confessing the most dangerous emotion to someone he wasn't supposed to love. "If he is, we'll both beg for forgiveness. He knows you're part of my soul. He knows that giving you up would tear me apart."

That was one of the reasons why he'd fallen for Sebastian. His boyfriend was passionate about so many of the things that Alec adored but he also understood parabatai in a way that even Shadowhunters didn't. Alec hoped this wouldn't hurt Sebastian, but he knew that he'd understand why they had fallen in love. "Remember, he thinks we're already married but the cookies will probably help. Especially if you make the strawberry frosting."

As he felt Jace relax, he brushed another kiss against his lips, unsure if Jace was ready for the kiss. It took time for his parabatai to accept emotions. Push at the wrong time and he'd end up with nothing but a tray of cookies while Jace found some werewolf bar to terrorize.

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Sometimes it felt like they hadn't really changed over the years. He was always offering his heart to Jace and his parabatai always was afraid that someone would steal away what he wanted most. Valentine had made him afraid of emotions, afraid of love, but Alec knew that Jace needed someone to love him no matter how much he might deny it.

During those times that Jace hadn't thought he deserved affection, Alec had stuck with him, becoming the constant Jace needed until he allowed himself to feel. It'd been that way when they were boys and the displays of affection had been a careful hand on Jace's shoulder or a hug that Alec would patiently wait for Jace to return. Now the gesture was more intimate but he knew that he had to wait for his parabatai's acceptance.

Making a soft sound when Jace turned the kiss into something more than a simple sign of the love Alec felt for him, he pulled Jace closer. Eyes drifting closed, he returned the kiss with the yearning he'd felt for years. The frustration he'd felt over the years was carefully pushed aside. That was something they could explore later when Jace wasn't expecting to be pushed away for being 'too slow'.

It didn't seem possible that so much longing could be so sweet. There was nothing sharp or volatile in the kiss. He could feel how much Jace wanted this, offering that same desire to his parabatai but it was more like the happiness that he could sometimes feel humming through their bond. This was the love and trust they felt for each other given and returned gently, a surprising difference to Jace's usual charging into situations. But it felt right, like the years of friendship and love expressed in one intoxicating moment.

Slowly breaking the kiss, Alec smiled at Jace, breathing ragged as he watched Jace's reaction. "How long have you wanted to do that?"

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"Or long enough," Alec offered. He had the feeling that if Jace had tried this too soon, they both wouldn't have been ready. Alec would have shied away because he was afraid of hurting Sebastian or Jace would have panicked over his emotions. Now was the right time, when they both knew that the worst wouldn't happen... or Alec knew and would convince his parabatai eventually.

Noticing how Jace was looking at him, his smile turned to a grin. "Sometimes it takes time to be brave, Jace. It took me years to finally take a chance and be myself. It's like training. You weren't perfect the first time you picked up a seraph blade." Pausing a beat, he arched an eyebrow at his parabatai. "No matter what you think about your talent."

He almost leaned in for another kiss, but he knew that this was something they had to discuss before Jace began overthinking everything. "I deserve someone like both of you. I love him, but that doesn't mean I can't love you too. I don't have a specific amount of love to give someone. You've always been more than good enough. It'll take time but eventually you'll realize that."

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It wasn't his most graceful moment. Middle of the night, bed head and scratching a spot just below his left butt cheek as he wandered sleepily into the kitchen and past Alec and Jace.

"I smelled cookies." He yawned, heading straight for the fridge and pulling out a glass of milk as if he hadn't just walked in on Jace and Alec having an intimate moment and conversation.

Jace couldn't breathe for a moment. He couldn't move. He couldn't think past the spike of panic and guilt and worry and....and he still couldn't let Alec go or step away. All or nothing. He did say he would beg.
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