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NAME: At the canon-point in which he’s being taken he believes his name to be Jonathan Christopher ‘Jace’ Morgenstern. Previously, he believed he had been born Jonathan Christopher Wayland. But it was a lie he only recently discovered. Jace is the nickname given to him by his adopted mother, Maryse Lightwood.
CANON: Shadowhunters
CANON-POINT: Season 2, Episode 3, “Parabatai Lost”, immediately after saving Alec, when he turns himself over to the Clave.


HISTORY: http://shadowhunters.wikia.com/wiki/TV:Jace_Wayland

WHAT ARE YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS?: This and the following question refer to mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses - physical ones have a separate question.

Jace is very intelligent and focused, driven to succeed and be the best Shadowhunter he can be. He’s considered the strongest Shadowhunter of his generation. He only gets close to people he trusts and once he lets someone in he has an unwavering loyalty to protect them. He is blunt, honest, and quick witted. Jace would argue love, or any emotion, is a weakness, but he’s proven again and again that love is his strength. When he loves, he loves deeply. His love keeps him on the right path, deciding to do good even when Valentine tries to convince him he has demon blood. Valentine seems convinced that anyone with demon blood will be driven by their blood. Including Jace. But despite believing he has demon blood, Jace still fights against what Valentine says is inevitable.


Jace’s greatest weakness is being afraid of his own feelings for others. He hides his emotions, his pain, from even Alec, who is the closest person to his heart and soul. He has a quick temper and responds to most things with sarcasm. He can be stubborn and refuse to listen when he’s emotional and trying to avoid feeling something he’s not ready to deal with. He can be impulsive and gets a thrill over rushing into danger, fighting demons, and breaking rules rather than getting permission first.

His love can also be considered a weakness, but only when Jace is dealing with Valentine or Clary. Valentine revealed himself to be the man who raised Jace, using a glamour to hide his identity and pretending to be Michael Wayland when Jace was a child. Even after Jace knows the truth his love for the father who raised him leaves him vulnerable to Valentine's manipulation. He’s quick to believe a man who lied to him, about being Michael Wayland and by faking his own death when Jace was eleven.


1. The first moment would be when Jace’s father, Michael Wayland, was murdered by the Circle. The Circle was a group of Shadowhunters who separated themselves from the Clave and killed many Shadowhunters and Downworlders based on beliefs fueled by Valentine, the founder of the Circle. Jace watched his father die and swore he’d get revenge.

2. As an orphan, Jace Wayland was sent to the New York Institute to live with the Lightwood’s. Meeting Alexander Gideon Lightwood changed his life. They bonded, became the best of friends, brothers, and when they were old enough they took the oath and completed a ritual to be bonded as parabatai. The bond allows them to fight as one in battle. They can feel each other through the bond.

Jace spent years with Alec, fighting and training, their bond growing stronger. He found a home with the Lightwoods and grew to love them as his own.

3. Meeting Clary Fairchild/Fray seemed to change a lot of things for Jace. He began to fight with Alec over his increasingly unusual behavior and at one point they began fighting against each other. Jace was following a stranger, breaking rules for Clary, and leading Alec and Isabelle into unnecessary danger believing he was doing the right thing by helping Clary. Instead of using his training and best judgement, he began listening to a complete stranger either out of sympathy for her situation or because he felt drawn to her.

But finding out Clary was his sister changed what seemed to be a clear path for Jace. He had been following his heart only to be betrayed by it again in his mind. Valentine revealed to Jace that he was the Michael Wayland Jace remembered as his father and also tells Clary and Jace that they are siblings. While this gave Jace an opportunity to repair his relationship with Alec he’s haunted by the knowledge that he had wanted Clary and still loves her.

4. To protect Alec, Magnus, Simon, Isabelle, and Clary, Jace decided to go with Valentine when he believed he had no other choice. He already believed himself to be the son of a murderer, the leader of the Circle, and a man everyone feared and loathed as a traitor, but his decision to leave with Valentine labeled him as a traitor by the Clave. Valentine tested Jace almost immediately after and then had him beaten in an attempt to break him, but Jace doesn’t break. Not physically. Valentine did break him in other ways. Through manipulation, the way he always had. He tells Jace he has demon blood and forced Jace to make choices Jace believed are the only choices.

When Clary showed up Valentine threatened to send her on a mission to retrieve a Werewolf. Jace decided to go rather than to continue refusing knowing Clary wasn’t ready to face a cornered Werewolf. This decision nearly cost him his life later when he and Clary escape Valentine and the Downworld believed Jace murdered one of their own.

5. While trying to contact Clary, Alec, and Isabelle, Jace discovered Alec could die after falling into a coma-like state trying to track Jace. Jace is then recognized by another Werewolf as the one who kidnapped one of their own and is attacked before he can leave. But reaching Alec is Jace’s only thought and not even the injuries that send him to the emergency room can stop him. Bleeding and exhausted from his time with Valentine, his escape by jumping off a moving ship, and his fight with the werewolves, Jace finally reached Magnus’s loft.

Jace recited the oath he took with Alec when they became parabatai and begged Alec not to leave him. Everyone, including Jace, believe they’ve lost Alec before Alec finally speaks, Alec’s soul/consciousness having found his way back, following Jace through the bond they’ve shared for so long. It’s this defining moment that Jace will be arriving from after having saved Alec and willingly turned himself over to the Clave to be tried as a traitor.


Love. Family. A desire to protect and a small desire that seems to come naturally to him, a desire to show off his super Shadowhunter abilities. In the beginning, Jace seems to be driven by revenge, claiming he’s never been in love, and behaving as if he has no emotions. Shadowhunters have to learn to act, not feel. Emotions get in the way. But as the show progresses Jace begins to be motivated by love, by his family, by developing relationships with Simon Lewis and even Magnus Bane.

It’s the relationships he builds that drive him forward, make him want to fight harder and to do the right thing, stop demons and stop his father. He also has an underlying desire to prove he is nothing like his father, something he fears deeply.

Jace is also innately good and kind despite the projected self-assurance and ego others see. He wants to help others. He wants to protect. He wants to make his father proud. But I think with his adopted parents he simply wants to be loved as a son. Although he was raised to believe ‘to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed’ Jace has been evolving beyond his father's words.


What they see is they get. Jace appears to be an arrogant, emotionless, soldier, driven by the need to show off and by the exhilaration of the fight. He chases excitement and never backs down. He’s stubborn, strong willed, and self-centered, but he loves and protects Alec and Isabelle without hesitation. He’s sarcastically blunt and outspoken.

Simon Lewis compares him to a bully he once knew. He sees Jace as a jock-type-bully who does what he wants without any regard for the feelings of others. But it’s Simon who stands up to Jace and it’s Simon Jace rescues on more than one occasion. I think deep down Jace admires Simon for the kind of courage he shows despite being a Mundane and I think it’s Simon who really tears down the instilled attitude that Mundane are annoying and weak and Shadowhunters are better than them. So while he starts out and maintains that Jace is a jerk throughout the first season, Jace and Simon seem to come to an unspoken arrangement of trust and potential friendship.

Alec sees Jace differently and probably more honestly than anyone. He knows Jace’s moods, reactions, and the reasons behind his behavior. He knows of Jace’s past and because they’ve grown up together, learning to fight together, and then becoming closer than any two Shadowhunters can become by taking an oath to be parabatai, he can feel Jace and know him more intimately than anyone can. He knows that Jace is arrogant and strong willed, but he also knows how deeply he does feel and can love.

Isabelle sees Jace as a brother, a protector, as a badass Shadowhunter. She and Jace are very similar in their desire to leap in and fight and have a little fun while riding the world of demons. She and Jace definitely keep Alec on his toes as older brother.


On the outside Jace appears arrogant, cocky, quick to jump in and act rather than think things through first. He thinks highly of himself, making comments about his looks and talents, mostly said very seriously. But Jace is guarded, he uses sarcasm to deflect, and while he is one of the best Shadowhunters of his generation, he’s insecure. He is strong, he one of the best Shadowhunters, and he knows this. It was drilled into him his entire life. To be the best you must believe you are the best. Have no doubts, do not hesitate.

While his life with his father is vague in the show, his reactions to his father tell us a lot about his life growing up. Michael Wayland, after having been discovered alive by Jace, shows Jace a mixture of care and tough parenting that borders on veiled bullying. While his adopted mother treated him like a prize, the best child and the best Shadowhunter, the pride of the Lightwood family, showing him favoritism while being painfully hard on her own children.

Interestingly, Jace is even more sarcastic and defensive around Simon Lewis, Clary Fairchild’s/Fray’s best friend. A mundane he helps save more than once and spends more time with than Clary, who is supposedly his love interest. He is more himself with Isabelle, Alec, and Simon than he is with anyone else, even Clary, who he intentionally pushes away when it’s revealed their siblings.

But there are moments where we see Jace being thoughtful, feeling betrayed, heartbroken, reaching out to someone, hesitating, doubting himself, questioning what he believes, and even regretting hurting Alec the moment he says or does something. Jace is learning to open up more while still trying to discover who he is as a person and where he fits in everything between.

He is growing past his father's words and expectations and becoming the person he truly is beneath the facade. So when Valentine/Michael re-enters his life he turns everything upside down and Jace finds himself battling between the desire of a boy who still loves his father and wants to prove himself and the man who wants to protect, to love, and to be loved.


Fight. Jace fights, the way he was taught to fight. He doesn’t quit. But he does hide himself, his emotions, and keeps others at safe distance. He does what he must to keep going and to make things right again, to protect the people he cares about and even the ones he pretends not to care about. The only person who can see through his facade is Alec. The only person he talks to about Clary, about his father, about anything, is Alec. And even then it takes him a long time to finally open up and admit when he was wrong. Alec is very important to him. His first friend and someone who has never treated him like a prize or a weapon.

WHICH 5 THINGS WILL YOUR CHARACTER REMEMBER UPON ARRIVAL, AND WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THEM?: Upon arrival, characters remember five distinct things about themselves. Those five things carry them through until their memories begin to return on their second or third day back. (See our FAQ for more info.)

Alec Lightwood. The most important person in his life. Someone he loves. He will specifically remember a wedding and Alec walking away from him to kiss Magnus Bane and then later a moment when he was sure Alec had died. Within these memories he remembers love, pain, loss, fear, and deep bond with Alec.

Valentine Morgenstern/Michael Wayland. Jace will remember his father in both forms. He will remember the moment Michael died and then the moment when Valentine chains him up and has him beaten in an attempt to break him.

I’ve chosen these two people and specific memories because they are the most important people in his life. They’ve affected him more than anyone else and have helped shape who has become over the years and how he copes with and interacts with others and the world.

Jace will remember his siblings: Clary Fairchild/Fray, Isabelle Lightwood, Max Lightwood, and Alec Lightwood. Although, his relationship with Alec and Clary are emotionally complex.


There are a lot of important things Jace doesn’t remember and will eventually. One of them being his father, Valentine, revealing to him that he has demon blood as a result of Valentine’s early experiments while he was still growing inside his mother's womb. After Jace surrendered himself to Valentine he did try to kill his father, but Valentine tricked Jace, tested his loyalty, and then tried to beat him, verbally, emotionally, and physically, into compliance.

His father has always manipulated Jace and as a child he killed Jace’s Falcon as an example, telling him ‘to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed’. He also told Jace he was suppose to train the bird, not tame it. Jace worked hard with the Falcon, showing it kindness and love until the Falcon trusted him. When he showed his father that he had succeeded, Valentine/Michael took the Falcon and broke it’s neck. It’s one of the few real examples we have of his father's control over him.

We also see hints of their father-son relationship prior to Michael revealing himself to be Valentine in veiled hints of abuse that helps to explain why Jace behaves the way he does with anyone who isn’t close to him. This is important because Jace is coming from a canon point right after escaping from his father.

SKILLS, ABILITIES, & PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: Include such things as supernatural/superhuman abilities, regular-human skills (ranging anywhere from combat to 'highly skilled at the lute'), and weaknesses along both spectrums ('weakened by kryptonite', 'has a bad knee').


Shadowhunters, or Nephilim, were created when a human asked Raziel, an angel, for help in protecting the world from demons. Raziel mixed his blood and the blood of humans in a cup, The Mortal Cup, and had the humans drink from it, creating the first Shadowhunters. Being half angel gives Nephilim heightened abilities, including strength, speed, agility, stamina, and coordination, which continue to improve over time and practice. It also allows them to use weapons forged from special materials, like seraph blades, and stele’s which they use to draw runes. Nephilim are stronger, faster, and more durable than humans, but they are half human and are not immortal. They can be injured and die.

The Sight:

As a Shadowhunter, Jace is naturally and easily able to see through most magical illusions and layers of glamour over reality.

Angelic Artifacts and Runes:

Runes are drawn onto the skin using the stele. Permanent runes are black and will never fade, while other runes that are temporary start off black and fade over time as they’re used up. Shadowhunters use runes to enhance their sight, hearing, speed, agility, coordination, and they can glamour themselves to not be seen or heard by anyone outside the Shadow World. Runes can also be drawn on surfaces or objects to burn, lock doors, or protect.


Jace was trained by his father almost from birth to fight demons. His training included hand-to-hand combat incorporating different styles from around the world and the use of a variety of weapons. He is an expert in combat, armed and unarmed, and is a highly skilled swordsman. His training continued under Hodge Starkweather after Jace moved into the New York Institute.

Parabatai Bond:

Due to his bond with Alec Lightwood, Jace is able to call on more strength in battle and is able to use certain runes exclusive to parabatai. The runes drawn on him by, or shared with, Alec also have a considerably stronger effect than if they had been drawn by any other Shadowhunter. Through The bond Alec and Jace fight as one in battle. They can feel emotions and know when the other is in pain.

INVENTORY: What items does your character come in with? Generally, this is a list of everything on your character's person, though we will allow UP TO THREE ITEMS not on your character's person at their canonpoint, but which are small enough to carry and which belong to them - as an example, their weapon even if their canonpoint has them unarmed. (Keep in mind that they won't wake up with these and will have to retrieve them later.)

Jace will be arriving in the clothes he was wearing and a few items he did not have on him at the time. His stele, which he had originally lost when he jumped off Valentine’s ship, a bone handled knife given to him as a gift by Alec Lightwood when they became parabatai, and a seraph blade.


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