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NAME: Jace Wayland
CANON: Shadowhunters
CANON-POINT: Season 2, Episode 3, “Parabatai Lost”, immediately after saving Alec, when he turns himself over to the Clave.


HISTORY: http://shadowhunters.wikia.com/wiki/TV:Jace_Wayland


In general, Jace is very intelligent and focused, driven to succeed and be the best Shadowhunter he can be. But love is his greatest strength, even beyond his Shadowhunter abilities. Love is how Jace continues to fight back and grow as a person. No matter how much he fears or doubts himself he manages to do what is right when it’s most important.


Jace has a quick temper and responds to most things with sarcasm and insults, as a challenge and as if he has to constantly prove himself to be the best at everything he does. He can be stubborn and refuse to listen when he’s emotional, trying to avoid feeling something he’s not ready to deal with. He can be impulsive and gets a thrill over rushing into danger, fighting demons, and breaking rules rather than getting permission first. But his greatest weakness is his fears and doubts. He puts a lot of importance on gaining acceptance and approval from authority figures, like his father and his adopted parents, that he begins to doubt himself the moment they question his motives or decisions.


1. Jace’s father, Michael Wayland, was murdered when he was a child. Jace watched his father die and swore he’d get revenge. His father was the only person he’d known, the only person he’d trusted, and the only person he’d loved. Losing his father hurt him so deeply that when he arrives at the New York Institute he embraces his training and focuses on his desire for revenge.

2. Meeting Alexander Gideon Lightwood changed his life. They bonded, became the best of friends, brothers, and when they were old enough they took the oath and completed a ritual to be bonded as parabatai. Jace spent years with Alec, fighting and training, their bond growing stronger. He found a home with the Lightwoods and grew to love them as his own family, trusting and loving in ways his father, Michael, had rarely shown him.

3. Meeting Clary Fairchild/Fray changed a lot of things for Jace. He began to fight with Alec over his increasingly unusual behavior and at one point they began fighting against each other. Jace was following a stranger, breaking rules for Clary, and leading Alec and Isabelle into unnecessary danger believing he was doing the right thing by helping Clary. Instead of using his training and best judgement, he began listening to a complete stranger out of sympathy for her situation and because he felt drawn to her. But Clary opens up possibilities for Jace, ones he never imagined and tried hard to ignore. Love and passion like he’s never felt before. It’s the beginning of another stage of development for Jace that forces him to open up and be more honest about his feelings than ever before. Finding out that Clary is actually his sister is a devastating blow. Mostly because Jace admits to Alec that he ‘wanted her’ and later reveals he still loves her as more than his sister. It weighs on his conscience and is something he internally torments himself over because it’s wrong and that feeling later feeds into his doubts and fears that he is like Valentine and that is something he can’t change no matter how hard he tries.

4. To protect Alec, Magnus, Simon, Isabelle, and Clary, Jace decided to go with Valentine when he believed he had no other choice. He already believed himself to be the son of a murderer, the leader of the Circle, and a man everyone feared and loathed as a traitor, but his decision to leave with Valentine also labeled him as a traitor by the Clave. Valentine tested Jace almost immediately after and then had him beaten in an attempt to break him, but Jace doesn’t break. It’s this time with Valentine that Jace grows the most. He finally begins to move past the doubts and fears, he begins to find his own path, he chooses to believe he is not like his father, and he sets out to do what is right despite being labeled as a traitor and the son of a rogue Shadowhunter. Jace chooses to leave behind the broken hearted boy who wanted nothing more than for his father to love him and he begins to trust himself and his heart. He chooses to protect, to love, to fight harder than he has ever fought before to do what is right and good.

5. After escaping Valentine, Jace discovered Alec could die after falling into a coma-like state trying to track Jace. Jace recited the oath he took with Alec when they became parabatai and begged Alec not to leave him. For a moment Jace believed he had lost Alec before Alec finally speaks, Alec’s soul/consciousness having found it’s way back, following Jace through the bond they’ve shared for so long. This moment is the most emotion Jace has shown anyone. His love for Alec and his fear of losing him, part of his own heart and soul, is devastating and heartbreaking. This person who never cries in front of anyone, never says please, begging Alec not to leave him. He truly feels lost and terrified holding Alec in that moment. So when Alec finally speaks, finishes the oath, and Jace realizes he’s alive, they hold each other and cry in relief. Jace risked everything for Alec, even his own life. It’s this defining moment that Jace will be arriving from, after having saved Alec and willingly turned himself over to the Clave to be tried as a traitor. He won’t remember that Alec is alive, he’ll only remember that he was dying.


Love and Family. A desire to protect and a small desire that seems to come naturally to him, a desire to show off his super Shadowhunter abilities. In the beginning, Jace is driven by revenge, claiming he’s never been in love, and behaving as if he has no emotions. Shadowhunters have to learn to act, not feel. Emotions get in the way. But as the show progresses Jace begins to be motivated by love, by his family, by developing relationships. It’s the relationships he builds that drive him forward, make him want to fight harder and to do the right thing, stop demons. He also has a driving need to prove himself worthy of love and to be accepted by an authority figure. As a child that person had been his father. As an adult it is Maryse and Robert Lightwood, his adopted parents. When it’s revealed that he is the son of Valentine Morgenstern Jace also desperately wants to prove, to himself and to others, that he is nothing like his father, something he fears deeply.

Although he was raised to believe ‘to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed’ Jace has been evolving beyond his father's words. He begins to let others in and express his feelings more openly. Partly because he fears losing them if he doesn’t and partly because he is choosing to change, to be a better person, to break away from his father's ideas and beliefs. He is learning to trust himself, his heart, and to let himself feel and express himself more openly and honestly.


Others see Jace as cocky, confident, head strong, impulsive, handsome, sometimes even charming. Like the jock in high school who is popular and well known by most. Either they love him or they hate him. He’s been called gifted and has been favored by his adopted parents. He has a reputation for being one of the strongest Shadowhunters.


Jace is cocky, confident, head strong, impulsive, and sometimes he can be charming. He knows he’s handsome. He is also blunt, honest, and quick witted. He is gifted and he is one of the strongest Shadowhunters. But he is also innately good and kind hearted. Jace would argue love, or any emotion, is a weakness, but he’s proven again and again that love is his strength. When he loves, he loves deeply. His love keeps him on the right path. He’s deeply passionate and compassionate. He doesn’t want favoritism, he wants to be accepted and loved. He is the best, not simply because he really is gifted, but because it’s expected and has always been the only way he knows to gain approval.

Jace was taught early on in his life that he had to believe he was the best to be the best. His father always emphasized strength when training Jace. Not simply physical strength, but strength in everything. Jace was a weapon and he has always been treated as such. Even his adopted parents are only proud of him when he’s at his best.

In the beginning, he hides all of the emotions he fears and has difficulty sharing them, even with the people he’s closest to. He is cocky, blunt, headstrong. But as his relationships develop, both new and old, and he begins to open up, he begins to heal and trust himself and others more.


Jace fights, the way he was taught to fight. He doesn’t quit. He does what he must to keep going and to make things right again, to protect the people he cares about and even the ones he pretends not to care about.


1. Jace will remember the night his father, Michael Wayland, was murdered.

2. He will also remember being chained up and beaten while his father, Valentine Morgenstern, stood by and watched. I chose these memories because they are also events that changed his life. His father is someone very important to him, someone he trusted and loved deeply. He was the only person Jace knew until he moved to the New York Institute. But then Jace finds out that Valentine had been Michael Wayland all along, using a glamour to hide his true identity and now that love and trust, and Jace’s loyalty to his father, has been twisted.

3. He will remember his and Alec’s parabatai ceremony.

4. He will remember the moment right before he wakes up in the hospital in Pines. He had been holding Alec and begging him not to leave him, so sure Alec had died. I chose these two memories of Alec specifically because Alec Lightwood is the second most important person in Jace’s life. Where his father has become chaos and pain in his heart and mind, Alec is everything good. He is Jace’s brother, his parabatai, and his best friend.

5. He will also remember Clarissa Fairchild, Isabelle Lightwood, and Max Lightwood are his siblings. I chose this memory because Jace has so few people he keeps close to his heart so he wouldn’t forget the two siblings he grew up with, Max and Isabelle, or the newest addition to his life, Clary.




Shadowhunters, or Nephilim, were created when a human asked Raziel, an angel, for help in protecting the world from demons. Raziel mixed his blood and the blood of humans in a cup, The Mortal Cup, and had the humans drink from it, creating the first Shadowhunters. Being half angel gives Nephilim heightened abilities, including strength, speed, agility, stamina, and coordination, which continue to improve over time and practice. It also allows them to use weapons forged from special materials, like seraph blades, and stele’s which they use to draw runes. Nephilim are stronger, faster, and more durable than humans, but they are half human and are not immortal. They can be injured and die.

The Sight:

As a Shadowhunter, Jace is naturally and easily able to see through most magical illusions and layers of glamour over reality.

Angelic Artifacts and Runes:

Runes are drawn onto the skin using the stele. Permanent runes are black and will never fade, while other runes that are temporary start off black and fade over time as they’re used up. Shadowhunters use runes to enhance their sight, hearing, speed, agility, coordination, and they can glamour themselves to not be seen or heard by anyone outside the Shadow World. Runes can also be drawn on surfaces or objects to burn, lock doors, or protect.


Jace was trained by his father almost from birth to fight demons. His training included hand-to-hand combat incorporating different styles from around the world and the use of a variety of weapons. He is an expert in combat, armed and unarmed, and is a highly skilled swordsman. His training continued under Hodge Starkweather after Jace moved into the New York Institute.

Parabatai Bond:

Due to his bond with Alec Lightwood, Jace is able to call on more strength in battle and is able to use certain runes exclusive to parabatai. The runes drawn on him by, or shared with, Alec also have a considerably stronger effect than if they had been drawn by any other Shadowhunter. Through The bond Alec and Jace fight as one in battle. They can feel emotions and know when the other is in pain.


Jace will be arriving in the clothes he was wearing and a few items he did not have on him at the time. His stele, which he had originally lost when he jumped off Valentine’s ship, a bone handled knife given to him as a gift by Alec Lightwood when they became parabatai, and a seraph blade.


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