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player information
name: MoiyaHatake
age: 24 years over 18
contact: MoiyaHatake @ Plurk, Gmail, AIM, or private messaging me in Jace’s journal
other characters: None.

character information
name: Jace Wayland (at the canon point he will be taken from).
canon: Shadowhunters
canon point: Season 2, Episode 3, “Parabatai Lost”, immediately after saving Alec, before he turns himself over to the Clave.
age: Age isn’t specified, but was listed in the Pilot information online (which has since been deleted) as being “early twenties”. It’s also mentioned in the show that Alec is older, by approximately a year. For the purpose of this game I’m going to say he’s 20.

(canon) background: http://shadowhunters.wikia.com/wiki/TV:Jace_Wayland
(original) world: N/A


Physiology: Being half angel gives Nephilim heightened abilities, including strength, speed, agility, stamina, and coordination, which continue to improve over time and practice. It also allows them to use weapons forged from special materials, like seraph blades and steles, which they use to draw runes. Nephilim are stronger, faster, and more durable than humans, but they are half human and are not immortal. They can be injured and die.

The Sight: As a Shadowhunter, Jace is naturally and easily able to see through most magical illusions and layers of glamour over reality.

Angelic Artifacts and Runes: Runes are drawn onto the skin using the stele, they are permanent once drawn, and can be activated or deactivated using the stele. Shadowhunters use runes to enhance their sight, hearing, speed, agility, coordination, and they can glamour themselves to not be seen or heard by anyone outside the Shadow World. They can also use runes to heal themselves and slow down blood loss. Runes can also be drawn on surfaces or objects to burn, lock doors, or protect.

Fighting: Jace was trained in hand-to-hand combat incorporating different styles from around the world and the use of a variety of weapons. He is an expert in combat, armed and unarmed, and is a highly skilled swordsman. His training continued under Hodge Starkweather after Jace moved into the New York Institute.

Parabatai Bond: Due to his bond with Alec Lightwood, Jace is able to call on more strength in battle and is able to use certain runes exclusive to parabatai. The runes drawn on him by, or shared with, Alec also have a considerably stronger effect than if they had been drawn by any other Shadowhunter. Through their bond Alec and Jace fight as one in battle. They can feel emotions and know when the other is in pain.


Love. Jace would argue love, or any emotion, is a weakness, but he’s proven again and again that love is his strength. When he loves, he loves deeply. His love keeps him on the right path. Love, as his greatest strength beyond his Shadowhunter abilities, is how Jace continues to fight back and grow as a person. No matter how much he fears or doubts himself he manages to do what is right when it’s most important.

Tenacity. Jace is a fighter. He stubbornly and determinedly fights until he perfects a skill, wins a battle, protects those he loves and those who can’t protect themselves. He doesn’t quit no matter the cost. Training, playing the piano, defeating an enemy, Jace gives everything of himself.

Selflessness. Jace turned himself over to the enemy to protect his family, his parabatai, and his friends. He threw himself at a demon to protect Alec. He fought vampires to rescue someone he hadn’t begun to call friend. He turned himself over to be tried as a traitor and risked being killed by werewolves more than once just for the chance to save Alec. These are only a few examples. Jace doesn’t think about what it costs him to protect others. He does it because it’s the right thing to do and because he’s seflless.


Self Esteem/Need for Acceptance. This is Jace’s greatest weakness. He puts so much importance on gaining acceptance and approval from authority figures, like his father and his adopted parents, that he begins to doubt himself the moment they question his motives or decisions. With others he’s the opposite. He appears cocky, egotistical, and quick to argue when challenged. He’s blatantly self-confident and brags about himself. It’s a defense, a cover for the insecurities and doubts he fears. His father raised him to be strong, to fight, to be the best no matter the cost. He’s constantly trying to live up to the expectations and anything less is unacceptable.

Emotions. Jace’s greatest weakness is being afraid of his own feelings for others. He hides his emotions, his pain, from even Alec, who is the closest person to his heart and soul. Alec understands Jace better than anyone else and can see when Jace is upset or hurting, as well as feel it through their bond, but that doesn’t stop Jace from pretending he doesn’t feel love, fear, emotional pain. Jace comments jokingly one time that others assume he has feelings, he claims he’s never been in love, and he reminds others often that emotions are a weakness. He can also be stubborn and refuse to listen when he’s emotional and trying to avoid feeling something he’s not ready to deal with.

Impulsive. Unlike his parabatai, Alec Lightwood, Jace doesn’t appear to think things through before acting. He gets a thrill over rushing into danger, fighting demons, and breaking rules rather than getting permission first. Because of this he can be stubborn, argumentative, and slow to admit when he is wrong.

job skills (optional):
housing (optional): Sharing with canon-mates if possible.

network username: Angelus.ignis - latin for angel of fire.

network sample:

[He’s still a mess, cuts, bruises, a busted lip, but he’s healing. On the outside. He welcomes the pain as a distraction. And then he carefully pushes down every thought and emotion he can feel crawling beneath his skin and asks:]

Can anyone point me to the nearest bar? Preferably one run by werewolves and a bartender with a killer personality.

prose/action sample:

Samples provided from two separate TDM’s:



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