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Player Information
Name: MoiyaHatake or Megan
Age: Born October 1974
Contact: MoiyaHatake @ Plurk, Gmail, AIM
Characters already in Medietas: Sebastian Carter Hokori-Anderson
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=734095#cmt734095

Character Basics
Character name: Jace Herondale
Character Journal: http://wayfaring-stranger.dreamwidth.org/
Canon: The Mortal Instruments AU
Canon Point: Near the end of the third book, City of Glass, the moment when Valentine Morgenstern stabs him through the heart.
Age: 18
Icon: http://v.dreamwidth.org/10574491/2460750

Canon Character Information
Appearance: https://wayfaring-stranger.dreamwidth.org/675.html

Jace has golden-blond hair, longer on top and shaved around the sides, and golden eyes. He is 5’11” and muscular from years of training in various methods of combat and defense. Like all Shadowhunters, he is covered in silvery scars, remnants of past runes used to enhance his natural Nephilim abilities, and permanent runes that look like black tattoos. Jace’s AU is based off the books, but I will be using the Shadowhunters TV Jace for his PB and visuals.

Because of the point he will be taken from Jace will have dried, crusted blood down the side of his face, a livid red mark at his throat, and his Shadowhunter’s gear will be ripped open down one arm. There will be a fading iratze over his heart and near an angry red scar where he had been stabbed once already. He will also be taken from the moment Valentine stabs him through the heart (a second time) with the Mortal Sword, Maellartach, so he will have a gaping wound and will be dying.

History: http://shadowhunters.wikia.com/wiki/Jace_Herondale

I’m including two links for his history because they are based on loose translations and descriptions of both book series and television series and do not cover all information included. For example, Jace’s interactions with Simon Lewis are glossed over, but are really a big part of his growth and will be important to AU Jace. Changes will be properly explained in AU/CR AU Addendum section of this app.

Personality: http://shadowhunters.wikia.com/wiki/Jace_Herondale

The Personality and Traits section of the wiki is well written, but incomplete, and is a slightly shallow view of Jace, in my opinion. Jace appears to be conceited and self indulgent, even selfish at times, using sarcasm and insults to keep others at arm's length, but he’s proven many times to be a very caring, protective, loyal person to those he develops an attachment and feelings. Even Simon Lewis, whom he pretends to strongly dislike and treats badly from the moment they meet, becomes a person he saves and watches over despite claiming he only does so because Simon is important to Clary. Simon clearly becomes important to Jace outside of his relationship with Clary and their relationship develops throughout the series.

Valentine described Jace as being too soft and caring too deeply, making him useless for his plans. And, in a lesson Jace never forgot, he taught Jace ‘that to love is to destroy and that to be loved is be the one destroyed’. Because of the way Valentine raised Jace his greatest fear is to love and to be loved. He was raised to fight, to be a weapon, and to be decisive, even cruel if need be. But Jace is good, caring, and loving despite the emotional walls and attitude he uses as a protective defense and there are only a few people in his life who can see beneath the surface layers, mainly Simon and Alec.

Jace can be described as being impulsive--jump first and accept the consequences because where is the fun in rules and waiting?--and even Alec thinks maybe Jace wants to die, gladly sacrificing himself to save the world. He would not think twice about dying to save someone he cares for.

When Simon Lewis is kidnapped by Valentine Morgenstern to be used as a sacrifice, draining all his Vampire blood and leaving him to die, Jace didn’t hesitate to feed Simon his blood. He claimed it was for Clary, but he knew there was a chance Simon wouldn’t be able to stop himself from killing Jace. Once Simon tasted his blood he instinctively pinned Jace to the floor and because of the effects of the vampire venom in Simon’s saliva Jace couldn’t stop him.

Alec Lightwood is the one person who seems to know Jace better than he knows himself. They’re not just friends or brothers, Alec is Jace’s parabatai and someone he loves and trusts more than anyone. When Alec was injured by a demon and was dying Jace fell apart. Jace is normally very sure of himself, but the moment he realizes Alec is severely injured Clary notes it’s the first ungraceful thing she’s seen him do, rushing to Alec’s side.

Later when Jace is kicked out of his home, the Institute where he spent half his life with the Lightwoods, he’s heartbroken, even devastated. The women who gave him his name and treated him as one of her own betrayed him. Jace didn’t know Maryse was doing it to protect him. He only knew he had lost his home and family again.

Jace loves music and reading, quoting lines from books throughout the series and playing the piano on occasion. It’s hinted these interests are core to who he is without the walls and defenses, but the pacing of the series doesn’t leave much room to explore Jace beyond his relationship with Clary and being a Shadowhunter. Even Clary doesn’t get to see much of Jace beyond fighting and flirting.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: http://shadowhunters.wikia.com/wiki/Jace_Herondale

Not included in the Personality and Traits section of the wiki:

Jace plays the piano, speaks several languages (Romanian, Italian, French, Latin, and a few others), and he loves horses.

AU/CR AU Addendum: Most of Jace’s world remains canon, but I have chosen to make some changes to alter his universe and allow for some exploration into some parts of Jace we only get glimpses of in the series.

Jace’s world starts to alter when he realizes his feelings for Simon Lewis grow beyond friendship. He finds he has a comfortable companionship with Simon, even simply exchanging insults and sarcasm. Simon isn’t afraid of Jace. He isn’t intimidated by him. And he tells Jace the truth, stands up to him, and makes Jace smile more than he’d like to admit. Jace admires Simon’s inner strength and his ability to keep getting back up no matter how many times he gets knocked down.

The more he’s drawn to Simon the more he realizes his initial attraction to Clary is simply that. There is care and fondness and even love for Clary, but not in the same way he feels for Simon. Being told Clary was his sister was almost a relief for him and finding out she wasn’t his sister didn’t change the way he felt about her. The lie Valentine made him believe gave him the time he needed to figure things out without the confusion of Clary always at his side. He spent most of that time avoiding her and treating her like a sister instead of the girl he kissed and initially had intentions of doing more with her. Because of the point he is being taken from he won’t have a chance to talk with Clary about their relationship, but they had been working towards a mutual agreement that they wouldn’t work romantically.

Most of Jace’s likes and dislikes are the same, he still plays the piano, is still left handed, has all the same quirks and mannerisms. His history and interactions are the same, but he is more aware of his feelings for Simon and would have made the decision to make his attraction known to Simon if he’d had more time. There are also underlying feelings for Alec that he’s convinced himself are related to their parabatai bond. In a way things are slightly reversed in Jace’s AU. In the series Alec was the one who was in love with Jace, keeping his feelings for his parabatai secret. AU Alec loves Jace beyond their bond, but it’s Jace who has been careful not to let his emotions be too obvious.

Meeting Clary changed Jace’s world, turned it upside down, and gave him a chance to grow and become the person he had only shared with Alec. He was also close to Isabelle and Max, but he wouldn’t show them the darker side of himself he believed existed because of his father. It is because of the abusive nature of his childhood, being raised by Valentine Morgenstern and then finding out it was all a lie, that Jace still struggles to open up. He has a lot of conflicting feelings for the man he called father, what he did and said, and how those things are constantly at war with who Jace is as a person.

At the point he will be taken the man he called father will have committed the ultimate betrayal. He won’t want trust himself or anyone else.

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? Jace will be bringing the clothes he was wearing the moment he was taken from his world, his stele, the knife Alec gave him when they became parabatai (bone-handled pocket knife), and a music CD made for him by Simon Lewis.

First Person:

[Simon is the strongest person Jace has ever met. He’d had a difficult time admitting it to himself because he had wanted to hate him. Simon had been Clary’s friend. Someone very important to her. But he hadn’t saved Simon for Clary. At least, that hadn’t been the entire reasoning behind his decision. Looking back Jace knew there had been more to it than simply wanting to make Clary happy.]


[Simon, who is standing on the other side of the room full of people, is easily the loneliest person in the world. This teenager who can never grow up, never go home, never be accepted by anyone because he is unique.]

The Daylighter, Simon.

[It makes Jace’s chest ache to see how completely isolated he looks, trying to avoid the angry glares and accusations. The Vampire. The Downworlder. And yet Simon never stops being Simon. He has his moments, like now, when Jace is sure the weight of everything is slowly consuming him from the inside.

And then Simon’s gaze meets his own and the entire room falls away. Jace can see the tension ease from his shoulders. He can see the way Simon’s chin lifts, just a little. No one else would notice, he is sure of it. But Jace notices.

There it is. The reason he had saved Simon. The reason Simon is the strongest person he has ever met.]

Third Person: http://medietas-ooc.dreamwidth.org/59407.html?thread=3695375#cmt3695375

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Chimes


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