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Dating was a such a strange word. Jace understood the meaning behind it, but who decided dating was a proper word to describe two people spending time together as more than friends? They had skipped the courting and gone straight for, well, everything else. Unless playing tag with a Shadowhunter in a park could be considered a brief courting ritual. Then he could say he courted Alec properly. They had dinner before sex.

But he hadn't actually given Alec any gifts of affection.

He'd considered flowers, but Alec was a Shadowhunter and he was a vampire, so he wasn't sure flowers were appropriate. He wasn't even sure Alec would like flowers. All the more reason to spend time with him so they could get to know each other better. He was sure of the looks he'd receive if he showed up at the Institute holding flowers and asking to see Alec Lightwood. Considering the Clave and all their rules, and the narrow mindedness of Shadowhunters in general when it came to Downworlders, Jace was absolutely sure he should not draw attention to his and Alec's relationship.

Which was the exact reason why he had his first gift to Alec hidden in his jacket. And it was warmer in there even if he didn't have body heat to help keep the kitten warm.

He knocked on Alec's office door and waited, smiling and waving with wiggly fingers at the Shadowhunter who had escorted him through the Institute.
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Jace isn't pleased to be visiting the Institute or meeting with a Shadowhunter. It's been a very long time since he spent any effort or time visiting his old life. A Shadowhunter turned Vampire was not a popular Vampire. But Raphael needed someone to stand in for him and had this whole convincing speech about how Jace had been a Shadowhunter so who better to mediate. Blah. Blah. Blah. Jace had rolled his eyes and given Raphael the usual bored expression before finally agreeing. It would cost Raphael. He just hadn't decided what he wanted.

He was still debating the price when he was escorted through the Institute and left in a room to wait. Opening drawers, touching everything, sitting in the chair behind the desk with his feet on a stack of very important papers. Trying to imagine the person who chose a desk over fighting demons. People in charge were so boring.


Additional Vampire AU Thread: Texting http://angelic-archer.dreamwidth.org/18325.html
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Alternate Universe in which Alec is sent to live at the Los Angeles Institute.


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